From March 8, 2019

Many of you are probably wondering, “What in the world has Stephanie been up to?”. Well, for the past two months I have been living at home, working a job, and trying to plan for my next step in Amish ministry. One thing the Lord has been teaching me more about is patience. Sometimes I don’t understand God’s timing, but I know that He has everything under control.

In the middle of February I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Hobe Sound, Florida where Hope International Missions is located. While I was there I attended Sea Breeze Camp and missionary orientation. I enjoyed meeting new and veteran missionaries that had come in for the events. Although getting to see the ocean and enjoying warm weather was nice, my favorite part was getting to know the missionaries.

I could use prayer as I plan for the next step. Right now everything seems so unclear, but I know God has a plan. All I need to do is trust and follow His guidance.

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