From December 25, 2018

I know this is a bit late but I did want to give a quick update. The last couple weeks of my internship I was able to spend time with the girls. The one girl invited me to go with her and a few other girls to a volleyball game in Millersburg. It was so much fun being with quite a few young people again just to have fun.

The last week I invited the girls over for supper and we had a great time visiting together. We discussed many things, most of which were spiritual. I was able to explain some things to her and give a reason for some of the things I do.

Friday I headed home which was bittersweet. I enjoyed my time in Ohio so much that I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I have some exciting events coming up before too long which helped to lighten the sadness. Please pray for Mission to Amish People as they continue to minister to the Amish and former Amish that they have contact with.

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