Summer Happenings

This summer been a very busy but exciting summer!

In order to give more time to other aspects of Amish ministry I have begun to back down my hours at the grocery store. This has really freed me up and it has been great walking through the doors that God has opened for me since making that decision.

This spring, I was able to meet an Amish family that has a wholesale greenhouse. They needed help with taking some of their plants to a produce auction. My aunt knew them and gave them my number and they called me to see if I would be able to help them out. I had the privilege of working with them for several weeks while they emptied their greenhouse for the summer.

At the beginning of the summer I met a Christian non-Amish couple who has a taxi service business. We talked about the possibility of me helping them out and within the next couple of weeks I began driving for them. What an amazing opportunity it has been to work with the Amish in this capacity. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time.

This month has been quite busy with trips on the weekends. Some of them have been eventful such as going to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA and Millersburg Ferry. Others have been mainly uneventful while I wait on my passengers. I am able to take work or fun things to do while I wait and so far I have not minded the waiting period.

The other week I had the opportunity to take an Amish friend to see her daughter who moved to Maine back in May. Her daughter is my good friend Martha who I have mentioned before. I was a wonderful week getting to see her again and her new little one who was only 3 weeks old when we got there.

While we were in Maine I got the privilege to see how honey is extracted and even got to help package it. I actually really enjoyed it. The best part was getting to try the honeycomb although once the honey was gone I was ready to throw it out.

I have also been trying to get my certification for starting my own driving business. It has taken a couple months, but Lord willing I will have it in the next few weeks. The application goes through a waiting period where someone has the opportunity to protest me starting a business in their area. As long as no one protests I should be good to go. Please pray that all will go smoothly.

I am excited to see what God is going to do over the next few months. God is not finished with this work!

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